Mercedes Sosa, The Voice of Latin America

We are thrilled to welcome director Rodrigo Vila as a guest of this year’s festival. Join us after the screening of MERCEDES SOSA: THE VOICE OF LATIN AMERICA this sunday at 6pm and discover more about the extraordinary life of one of Latin America’s most important voices.


Directed by Rodrigo Vila, the film features many unforgettable performances recorded over Sosa’s 60-year singing career and interviews with some of Latin America’s finest singer-songwriters, including Cuba’s Pablo Milanés, Brazil’s Chico Buarque, and former Talking Heads frontman and Latin American music aficionado David Byrne.

Mercedes Sosa, The Voice of Latin America chronicles the tumultuous life of the great Argentinean folk singer Mercedes Sosa – in her own words. This stirring documentary is an intimate journey into Sosa’s world as an artist and human being.

The daughter of a sugarcane worker in the northern province of Tucumán, the indelible Sosa grew famous for singing songs that championed the poor. She identified with the political left, like other exponents of Latin America’s ‘nueva canción’ movement, including Víctor Jara and Violeta Parra. Sosa’s socio-political ideologies and the power of her music has made her one of Latin America’s most influential personalities of the 20th century.

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